Coping with COVID-19

5 Feb 2022

Dear Service Buyers,

The Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) would like to wish all of you a Blessed and Prosperous Year of the Water Tiger!

It’s our fervent hope and trust that this message finds you and your team well.

MOH figures have shown a marked increase in the number of Covid 19 cases in the past weeks. This is expected to escalate further in the coming days.

In most situations, those infected with Covid 19 are not required to return to their workplaces so as not to affect fellow colleagues who may come into contact with them. Most employers have acknowledged the results of the ART. No formal Medical Certificates are required in such situations.

Another group of employees are those who have to care for their aged or incapacitated kin whilst they themselves are recuperating from Covid 19.

Based on the foregoing situations, our security officers hired by our members are required to stay away from their work location to either recuperate or attend to their kin.

Our Security Agencies have structured Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to ensure minimal disruptions to their deployment strategies. However, our security agencies are overwhelmed by the flaring number of Covid 19 cases, which are not within the control of the Security Agencies.

These unprecedented circumstances have unfortunately rendered some of our Security Agencies not being able to fulfil their contractual obligations.

From what we understand, our Security Agencies have endeavoured to provide sufficient manpower to avoid compromising the security outcomes. This may not always be possible due to the trying and pressing circumstances.

We seek the indulgence of our Service Buyers like you or your appointed Managing Agents to exercise your unfettered discretion and tamper the contractual agreements with compassion as we journey through these tumultuous times. We seek your indulgence to hold conversations with our members and provide waiver of such conditions to create a viable working relationship.

We humbly request your indiscretion as we wade through the rough and treacherous journey affected by these tough medical inclement conditions.

Yours sincerely

John Vijayan Vasavan
Association of Certified Security Agencies

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