ACSA President’s Year of Ox Message

11 February 2021


Dear Esteemed Members,

We are about to bid farewell to the tumultuous Lunar New Year of the Rat. 2020 was a challenging year for the entire world. The security industry was also presented with an unprecedented landscape too.

I am delighted that the private security industry stood the test of time and overcome the uncertainties.

On the 12th of February 2021, we will usher in the Lunar New Year of

the Ox on a different modality. The year of 

Ox looks promising and we hopes to revert the uncertainties posed in the year of the Rat.

This is not a coincidence but a dedicated effort by our government and the industry players, to trigger and boost the economic growth in the year of Ox.

We need to be robust and patient as we steer towards improving the economic growth.

It is envisaged that a small growth is expected with some new industries mushrooming and others being phased out in the new normal.

It is anticipated that there seems to be a strong leaning for the private security industry; the preliminary forecast shows positive vibes to grow and register a positive growth.

This can only be achieved with a mind-set switch and gearing towards adopting the OBC in the private sector by all the stakeholders- security service buyers and security service providers.  

This will be the catalyst for growth post COVID 19.

I would urge all members to graciously embrace the OBC – the way forward. The government and the trade associations like ACSA will render assistance to our members to sail towards the OBC destination.

 It is undoubtedly be an uphill task and I am confident that our members are poised to scale this new direction with well-crafted strategies.

Here’s wishing all those who celebrate the Chinese New Year -‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ and to the rest a happy and blessed  holiday.

Best regards

John Vijayan Vasavan



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