ACSA President’s Message for Lunar New Year 2022

Dear valued members,

We have been weathering the Covid 19 (C19) for the past two years. C19 has created a new landscape for all industries and the way of life for all people. It’s an unfamiliar environment for all.

Amidst the variety of changes that most of us have embraced with time. This is a clear demonstration of the high degree of resilience, resolve and agility displayed by all of us.

The future looks bleak in the coming years. Against this backdrop, our government has taken bold steps to move towards normalcy gradually. The route will be undulating and challenging for us to journey.

The posture of the security industry appears to be stable. However, we are confronted with an acute manpower crunch and a bargain-hunting spree by many of our service buyers. This has mounted great stress on security agencies owners. 

As we usher in the Lunar New Year of Tiger, it is hoped that the inclement outlook will improve to enjoy better times ahead. 

The Tiger is a symbol of courage, confidence, energy and passion. It is my firm belief that all of us will be bestowed with the qualities above coupled with determination and sound leadership to build strong grounds to continue progressing and fronting the security industry.

Here’s wishing all those celebrating the Lunar New Year a joyous and prosperous year of the Tiger. To the rest, enjoy the holidays.

John Vijayan Vasavan 

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