Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Home Team Volunteers)

The Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award recognises Home Team Volunteers whom have distinguished themselves through significant and commendable contributions in their respective areas of Volunteer work in service to the Home Team. The Singapore National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore.

The community is an integral partner in the Home Team’s mission of a safe and secure Singapore. Through their contributions and partnership, they have demonstrated selflessness and bravery in various ways. They have been volunteering with the Home Team in various capacities, helping others, and keeping our neighborhoods safe and saving lives. Thank you for your contributions bros!

It goes without saying that every effort made by each of ACSA Committee members who volunteer their precious time for the nation is greatly appreciated. No part is too small to play when we willingly give ourselves in the service of others in the community. When we make others happy we gain inner satisfaction. That said, we all know there are those who have gone above and beyond, giving themselves in no small way in their volunteer efforts for the Home Team and total defense of Singapore. They have contributed to the safety and security of Singapore.

Here, we applaud these Two outstanding individuals of our Own, ACSA President Mr. Robert Wiener and Honorary Secretary Gary Haris who have dedicated many years of their time as dedicated volunteers for their unwavering contributions to the work of the Home Team and the safety and security of Singapore and the security Industry. The Private security industry plays an important role in the safety and security of Singapore together with our home team.

The Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Home Team Volunteers) was instituted in 2011 and is presented to individuals who make significant contributions under the various volunteer schemes administered by the Home Team Departments. An initiative by the Home Team Volunteer Network, the Award is in recognition of the important role volunteers play in the Home Team.